HIEs across the nation face a multitude of challenges. The most significant is a lack of physician engagement and participation. In Kansas, the Kansas Medical Society, in partnership with the Kansas Hospital Association, developed a physician-led health information network model which is now one of the most successful models in the country.

Now, KHS is assisting healthcare organizations and medical societies across the nation replicate the model that KHIN and the physicians in Kansas have implemented. KHS advocates strongly for physicians to take stewardship of their patients' data and to be responsible and accountable for its use and management. Only through the creation and implementation of a provider-led network is this possible.

The KHIN model provides the technology tools necessary to build a sustainable HIN, and the KHS team provides the training and support to quickly (within 18 months) build the infrastructure.

Provider-led organizations can choose to take over the management of the exchange or contract with KHS for ongoing management and maintenance.



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